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Shamanic sound journey , Hypnotherapy, Cacao & Rapé ceremony, Ice Bath Therapy, Nail Board Meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Breathwork, Kundalini yoga, Tantra, Watsu water therapy, Kemetic African Yoga,  Maasai healings  and magic stargazing hike are the wellness offering for this magical  experience.

Wellness offering by our facilitators:

Julia Quena Kavi

Shamanic Sound Journey

Healing vibrations of singing bowls, shamanic drums, ukulele, guitar, flute, gong and live singing of traditional shamanic songs and mantras.

Cacao Ceremony

Originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.


Working with the subconscious mind is one of the most effective methods for improving physical and emotional health. Certified hypnotherapist will provide the opportunity to release old patterns of behavior and beliefs and find answers to important questions.

Aroma Flower Bath Therapy

Immersion in aromatic flowers plunge tub after preliminary breathing practice to boost your mental and physical health, immunity, improve your sleep, prevent muscle soreness.


Ori Nottea Eshel aka Yogi Ori


Is a practice that has evolved over thousands of years. and has been a part of yoga since its origins over 2000 years ago. The primary purpose is to activate the body’s relaxation response and leads to greater awareness of our emotions and thoughts, improves our flow of energy, and can improve both physical and mental health.

Watsu Water Therapy

Watsu is one of the most profound healing modalities of our time. The session is offered in a warm body temperature natural hot spring water in the middle of a Oasis accompanied by a shamanic sound journey.


Is a type of yoga that weaves together many different techniques, such as mantra meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama and is an initiation to study the inner-universe through our human body. These Tantric techniques and rituals primarily focus on the cultivation and build-up of kundalini energy.

Sunset Swedish Massage

Imagine a romantic side by side  Swedish single or couple's massage with an aroma therapy on the top of the sand dunes while admiring a magical sunset.


Ali Olshan

Energy Power Board Healing

You will stand, assisted, on a Sadhu Board with nails. Standing on the nails gives us the power to work with all unexpressed emotions and traumas lying deep inside.

African Intuitive Healing Mind and Body Work

In an intuitive healing session, Shaman Ali  unconsciously identifies the mental and physical conditions that can be removed to help you feel refreshed, reenergized, more hopeful about the future, and able to recognize the best path for yourself. Intuitive work may include touching, breathing or any of the other techniques listed herein. An intuitive healing will open healing doors long after the healing session ends. 

Magic stargazing hike & meditation

You will be guided by a authentic nomad from the African Massai tribe who will hike with you under the stars on the sand dunes and he will explain and show you how the Nomads find the directions trough the stars. Then you will have a meditation stargazing experience.

Kemetic African Yoga

Static yoga movement based on ancient hieroglyphics and animals flow. The goal of the practice is said to be "attaining divine spiritual wisdom.

African Human Design Astrology

A map of the self.  A manual or guide that allows you to explore your own inner landscape, to identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses. It offers a path of greater fullfilment, as you move towards living a life closer aligned to your deeper nature.

African Animal Flow

Deeply feeling your movement and expressing movement as part of your spirituality. The movement becomes a way to release emotions and access your mind. Intuitive movement is praying with your body.

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