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We aim to bring you the time-tested health and wellness therapies that are the core of
our entire experience. For mental health strengthening through mindfulness and Meditation or
physical health improvement, we bring talented and professionally trained healers and Shamans.
Our other treatments include:



Health and wellbeing are at our core, which is why we offer Shamanic sound journey, Hypnotherapy, Cacao ceremony, Aroma flower Bath Therapy,  Breathwork, Tantra, Watsu water therapy, Sunset Swedish massage (extra charge), Energy Power Board Healing, African Intuitive Healing Mind and Body Work, Kemetic African Yoga, Magic stargazing hike & meditation, African Human Design Astrology, and African Animal Flow during your experience. Whether you are looking to tap into mindfulness by learning meditation or strengthening your core with one of our healers and shamman there is a practice that is right for you. We also offer private massage, please check the "Adds Ons" when purchasing your ticket.

Music & Dance


The earthy beats of an African drum and the talented vocalists bring the raw power of their voices on the sultry nights of the Wild Nomad Festival. Experience a line up of 12 desert vibes, house music DJ's: Taïb, Borak, Dorian Craft, Double Touch, Marco Peruzzi, Marques Wyatt, Saand, Sarkis Mikael, Thomas, Tony L Issac, Akatriney, & Oktave...& DJ guest surprises!

Enjoy the first Sand Dunes dance floor in the US!



Authentic taste from the lands of Africa made by the one of the most talented Moroccan Chef Yasmina Ksikes, dedicated to create a palate experience you will remember and made with wholesome ingredients, cooked with absolute care to nurture your inner body and build your strength through healthy, organic eating. Food is our way of making a permanent place in your heart, and we love to create exquisite tastes that will rejuvenate and refine your dining while filling you with the strength to enjoy activity-filled days. Our master Chef also provide a wide variety of vegan dishes to cater to our dynamic visitors. We've got something for everyone!



Wild Nomads will give you a festival filled with exhilarating rides and incredible experiences that will transform your life! Days filled with energizing activities, nights filled with scrumptious food, and tantalizing musical festivities, you can have a fantastic experience. Choose the kind of activities you want to fill your days with. We provide an absolutely amazing list of adrenaline-pumping tours like UTV rides, Hot Air Balloon Flying and sand boarding to make your heart and soul soar freely. Experience the fun of camel riding, tour the desert and create memories of a lifetime. We bring you the holistic experience of living your life as a daring, free bird ready to take on life and live high.