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  • What's near the Wild Nomads Festival?
    Wild Nomads Festival is located at California Sand Dunes Desert. It is 4 hours drive Southeast from Los Angeles. The closest city from Wild Nomads Festival is 30 minutes drive were you'll be able to find everything (market, gas, convenient stores, hotels and more).
  • What to know about premises?
    Do not walk the day or the night on the Sand Dunes, except the one witch is 500 feet around the flag of the Wild Nomads base camp on the top of the Sand Dunes (the flag of the camp is there for your safety to warn the sand dunes vehicles that humans are around 500ft of the flag). Do not walk on the sand dunes the night outside the festival area without having double side red and white light.
  • What are the rules?
    Do not use illegal substance or drugs. Do not use glass bottles or glass. Do not let any trash. Do not do your business on the sand dunes. Do not remove your waistband. Do not go to the Authentic Nomads Campground if you are not with someone who rent a tent.
  • What would cause eviction?
    Giving your wristband to someone. Losing the wristband. Trespassing the Authentic Nomads Campground without authorization of the person who booked it. Not respecting the rules that you sign in the waiver.
  • Do I need a parking permit?
  • What do I need to bring?
    Minimum 2 gallons of water per person. Goggles, mask, or turban to protect you in case of a sand storm. Sunscreen protection. Camping equipment if you did not rent a tent with us. Headlight or any light you can put on you to ensure that Sand Dunes vehicles can see you at night if you walk in the Sand Dunes. Note that from the opening time of the early check-in, which is Friday 5th of May 6pm until the opening of the festival, which is Saturday 6th of May 1pm, any food will be provided (the first meal will be served at 6.30 pm the 6th of May) so if you arrive during this window time you will have to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Is there restrooms?
    Public restroom are located at the General Campground only. People who rent the Authentic Nomads Tent will have access to a private restroom at the Authentic Nomads Campground.
  • Do I need to bring food & beverages?
    During the festival, bring your own food. It’s mandatory to bring at least 2 gallons of water per person.
  • Is it vendors over there?
    Yes, you can buy outfits for the festival!
  • Is there water there?
    No the is no water to buy and not tap water. It’s mandatory to be able to check in to bring at least 2 gallons of water per person!
  • Can I check in if I forget one of the mandatory items?
    No you will not be able to check in for safety reasons is you forget one of the items mandatory. It’s mandatory to bring 2 gallons of water per person minimum, 1 mask, 1 goggle and one heat light if you want to walk on the sand dunes during the night outside the festival area.
  • Is there showers?
    If you are at the regular campground the is not shower and no water anywhere. People who book a Authentic nomad tent with us will have a portable shower (water limited).
  • Can I buy General Admission tickets over there the day of the festival?
    No! And the online sales will be close Saturday 6th May at noon.
  • Is there cellphone service or WIFI?
    The is poor cellphone services and no wifi
  • Can I bring pets?
    Unfortunately you can t.
  • What happens if I get stock with my car on the Sand Dunes?
    The is no towing company who comes at the sand dunes desert ! You will have to handle this situation by yourself! Wild nomads festival stuff can t help you with that!
  • Do I need a specific vehicle to drive on the Sand Dunes?
    Yes ! You need a SUV with 4 wheels drive and you need to lower the pressure of your tires to 16PSI. Even with that if you don’t have noledge ho to drive on the sand dunes you will not be able to do it. We highly recommend you even if you have the right vehicle to stay at the practice sand dunes bellow the big sand dunes. The other sand dunes area a dedicated to experts who have exclusive sand dunes vehicles. Also SAFETY FLAGS ARE REQUIRED ON ALL VEHICLES IN THE SAND DUNES RECREATION AREA (This includes two-wheeled motorcycles). All vehicles shall be equipped with a whip mast and a 6x12 inch red/orange flag. Flags may be of pennant, triangle, square, or rectangular shape. Masts must be securely mounted on the vehicle and extend 8 feet from the ground to the mast tip. Safety flags must be attached within 10 inches of the tip of the whip mast with club or other flags mounted below safety flag or on another whip.
  • Can I get refund if for any reason I can't come?
    Wild Nomads Festival tickets are non-refundable, except if you add the Purchase Protection Insurance.
Tickets are not transferable.
  • Where can I stay if I don't want to camp?
    The closest city is 30min drive and you have many hotels or Airbnb over there.
  • Where exactly is the festival?
    It’s in California 4 hours drive Southeast from Los Angeles and 2h from Joshua Tree. Two days before the festival you will receive an email with the exact address.
  • Do I need a SUV or 4 wheels drive vehicle to arrive at the festival?
    No! Every regular vehicles can go there as the is a regular road who brings you until the check in location of the festival.
  • Is it a dress code for the festival ?
    Yes! Dress like a Saharan wild nomad. The traditional turban that they wear to be protected from the sun and the sand storm is highly recommended.
  • How is the weather over there ?
    It can be extremely hot up to 110 degrees sand extremely windy some days . This festival is a wild experience you have to come prepare. To add electrolyte powder in your water is highly recommend to avoid dehydration and drink at least 1 gallon of water per day per person. Put sunscreen high protection and wear a turban.
  • Can I check in already Friday 5th May to avoid a potential the line to get in on Saturday?
    Yes, we actually recommend you to come Friday 5th of May from 6pm or Saturday 6th of May in the morning but only the campground will be open. For the ones who can t or don’t want to check in early the main check of the festival in will start from 1pm Saturday 6th of May. In case you arrive for the early check-in, do not forget to bring food and beverages because the first meal included with the General admission ticket will be serve Saturday 6th May at 6.30pm.
  • Can I buy or bring alcohol?
    You can bring alcohol. We do not sell alcohol.
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