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Ali Olshan

Shaman ALI OLSHAN Nomad from the African Massai Tribe

Ali is an African refugee who immigrated to the United States in 2005. Ali recognized his intuitive healing abilities at a young age and developed his abilities through his association with other US and African healers.  He bowed out of the corporate world to return to Africa to learn and practice the ancient healing powers passed through generations by the Elders of his Grandfathers’ nomadic Maasai tribe.   Ali lived intimately with the tribal Elders in the Maasai-mara, an African rural territory.

Ali remains nomadic and consistently moves among different geographical locations.  He regularly returns to Africa to live with his tribal nomads family members. There he builds the infrastructure necessary for the permanent accessibility to water previously unavailable to primary school students and their teachers. For the teachers, Ali designed software programs enabling access to the internet and the world of information. Ali is instrumental in helping orphaned children to obtain financial assistance enabling them to attend boarding schools to complete their education. 

Ali’s abilities and humanities are recognized and respected by the Maasai tribal Elders.  Ali’s “people” include seminar attendees, retreat attendees and individuals in the United States and many foreign countries. He is known to assist any person, anytime, anywhere, with no regard for the person’s financial means or social status. Ali will offer to the Wild Nomads guests his African powerful healing techniques and experiences such as the Animal Flow Dance, the Human Design Astrology, the Power African Yoga, the Chakra Clearing and Alignment, the Energy Power Board Healing and the African Astrology Reading.

Julia Quena


She's spent years as an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist.  Julia plays piano, ukulele, guitar, drums, singing bowls, mexican flute, shruti box, ancient percussion. She is a certified sound therapist and hypnotherapist, retreat facilitator, life reclamation coach. Julia studied breathing practices and cleansing shamanic rituals in Mexico, built - and is still building - a relationship with plant medicines in Peru, where she received her spiritual Shipibo name Quena Kavi.


Yogi ORI

Ori is an Ashtanga Vinyasa, kundalini, Tantra & Breath-work Teacher, having successfully completed her Intensive Training in Los Angeles, Israel, and India. Ori is an experienced Teacher Certified by Yoga Alliance and also a WRT Water Release Therapy WATSU Provider, ready to take you into healing waters in our Oasis Hot Spring 


As an experienced Yoga Instructor since 2001, she help people’s body and mind connect. Situated in the Los Angeles area, she incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own unique form of yoga. As a water therapist her goal is to help others release trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind.

Yogi Ori
Lalla Mina
Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 4.58.12 PM.png

The talented Moroccan Chef YASMINA KSIKES "LALLA MINA" 

She sees food as a harmonious thread between humans, places, and connection. She exist to feed people to heal the body and soothe the soul, musing nature and us as One.


“Lalla Mina“ is a manifested ode to her Grandmother's culinary legacy, by the same name.


Born in Rabat, Morocco and raised in Casablanca, she grew up surrounded by captivating aromas, succulent meals and sensual music. Every day, a new, exciting, fresh celebration of flavors unfolded in her home. Teachers by tradition, her mother and grandmothers passed along their culinary mastery, which ignites in her a profound love for cooking and lifting her kitchen team into their own culinary passions.


In her early 20’s, she journeyed to the U.S., where she ran renown establishments in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami and Chicago, both as chef and running operations. The dance of life eventually took her family to Los Angeles, where she have been blessed to feed this wonderful community. She lives to activate senses around food and beyond into an elevated human experience to excite the mind and replenish the soul.

She is the mother of two beautiful young-adult children, Riyan and Amina, the latter showing herself as young chef in the making.

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